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For over two decades, I have used my software development skills to create amazing tools for geotechnical engineers 

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Alireza was born and raised in Tehran, Iran where he obtained his B.Sc in Civil Engineering, and M.A.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering.

He created his first computer programs for geotechnical engineering in 1998; Later he was involved in development of other programs for 3D rendering, nutrition analysis, customer management, and educational software. In 2007, Alireza immigrated to Canada and established his startup company Novo Tech Software Ltd in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2021, Novo Tech Software was acquired by  the leading Canadian geotechnical software company Rocscience Inc.

Prior to joining Rocscience, Alireza has been working as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer, leading several major infrastructure, residential, commercial and institutional projects in Vancouver. These projects involved site characterization, soft soil engineering, pile design, seismic assessments, and a wide range of engineering analyses.

Alireza enjoys utilizing the cutting-edge technology to create software solutions for engineering problems. When he is not behind the computer, he spends time with his family or learning about his topics of interest such as  AI, consciousness, and reality. 

1000+ Successful Geotechnical Projects

Novo Tech Software Ltd.

Computers make our life easier, especially when dealing with complex engineering analyses. Since 1998, Alireza was obsessed with computer programming. He has developed several software tools in various fields including customer management, nutrition analysis, structural engineering analysis, geotechnical engineering, and 3D rendering.

In addition to his formal education in civil engineering, he received his Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) degree in 2000, and focused on creating a new brand in engineering software industry. In 2008, Alireza founded Novo Tech Software Ltd and developed several computer programs (both desktop and cloud-based) for geotechnical engineering. Currently, over 1000 consulting engineering companies and universities across the world use Novo Tech tools in their projects.

In 2021, Novo Tech Software was acquired by Rocscience Inc, a leading geotechnical software company based in Toronto, Canada.

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North Surrey Sports & Ice Complex

Featured Project
Completed in 2019, this 134,000 square foot facility features three ice rinks, community meeting spaces, food services, and outdoor activity areas, with a fitness centre, yoga studio, and indoor cycling.

The subsurface soil conditions at this site included up to 4 metres of fill material underlain by very soft silt and peat to a depth of about 40 metres, with a shallow groundwater level. The geotechnical design of any structure on this type of soil stratigraphy is always very challenging, both in static loading condition (bearing capacity / settlement) as well as following a design earthquake and impact of soil liquefaction on the foundations.

Alireza was the project lead engineer for this project, and was responsible for the design of steel / concrete piles (static and seismic loading conditions) as well as supervision of the field engineers during pile installations and site preparation.

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Evergreen Line (Skytrain)

Featured Project
The Evergreen Line Rapid Transit (ELRT) project consists of 11 km of advanced light rail transit that connects with and extends Vancouver’s existing SkyTrain system from Burnaby through Port Moody to Coquitlam ($1.4B budget). The project included some challenging design and construction issues, including accommodating higher seismic requirements in areas of poor soil conditions, difficult tunnel boring conditions, 4 km of construction immediately adjacent to CP Rail’s mainline, integrating new train control systems into the existing operation, and significant traffic management issues.

Alireza was the lead geotechnical engineer for Segment 1 of the ELRT project. He was responsible for the static and seismic design of the guideway piles as well as foundations of the new stations, team liaison and construction reviews of large diameter drilled shafts and driven steel piles, as well as soil mixing and stone columns.

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1993 - 1997
Bachelor's Degree
Civil / Structural Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

1997 - 1999
Master's Degree
Geotechnical Engineering

Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran , Iran

MCP Degree
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) degree in desktop software development

ICDL Degree
ICDL Foundation

The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification program


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Tetra Tech (Vancouver , Canada, 2014)

Alireza was the recipient  of Tetra Tech Innovation Awards for geotechnical design pertinent to the retrofit of an existing steel-reinforced MSE retaining wall.



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